First Lane Document Handling

Welcome to one of the best and most affordable document handling systems on the market.

Get started right away

First Lane covers a lot of practical functionality and you can get started right away! Start uploading your files and fine-tune settings afterwards.

Get a two-week free trial account.

Ask questions.

No lock-ins

If you want to move on you'll get all your fileversions along with the metadata - the content belongs to you.

You can use any modern webbrowser.

Full-text search on similar words

The information is continiously indexed by an external process. This makes advanced searches very fast. Searches are performed on translated texts too so people working in different languages get similar results.

Unique categories

Get instant visual feedback regarding where search hits are found through the use of an unique category system that's persistent between searches.

The important functionality is provided

Our clients have a huge say in what will be implemented. First Lane already provides support for many of the important functions needed and is continiously developed.

Grows with you

First Lane does not employ any limit on the number of user accounts, even in the entry-level edition. You pay for system usage rather than the number of users that need to be registered.

First Lane is offered in four different editions.

First Lane can be deployed together with other software on the same server or split up on up to five different servers for awesome scalability.

Tried, batted at and used

All support is conducted by qualified and dedicaded personell.

The following organisations are already using First Lane:


First Lane works with Internet Explorer 10+ and with Safari 6.1+. Chrome and FireFox, like most moderna tablets, are good too.

Guaranteed to be free from strange Active-X, java or Flash-plugins that need to be adapted to your choice of browser.